Scott Pettigrew is a recording artist and producer from Regina, Canada. His debut EP, “Alone”, has received international critical praise, and was honoured with the title of Saskatchewan’s 5th Best Album of 2016 by Sask Music. He has made over 300 live appearances since 2017, and opened for several high-profile Canadian artists including Serena Ryder, Alex Cuba, and Jack Semple. His newest release, “Rising Tide” is an exceptional work that showcases Scott’s promising talent as a young writer and performer. 

Produced by Juno-award winning artist Jason Plumb (Colter Wall, The Dead South, Belle Plaine, Blake Berglund), “Rising Tide” is a journey album project that seamlessly transitions through multiple genres and energies, showcasing the diversity of Scott’s work and offering a memorable listening experience.

Lush orchestral ballads like “Fall”, “All Good Things Must Die”, and “Letters” offer rich sonic landscapes that dramatically set the stage for beautifully written lyrics and melodies. Groovy R&B tracks like “Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend” and “Til Death Do Us Part” offer deep basslines and tasty licks, while country-tinged blues rock cuts like “Rising Tide”, “Alexandria”, and “21st Century Kind of Pain” deliver attitude-loaded guitars and a fiery outlaw energy.

A truly genre-defying record, “Rising Tide” features exceptional guitar work (all of which recorded by Pettigrew himself), alongside intricately woven storylines and commentary delivered by Scott’s excellent vocal performances.