Scott Pettigrew is a 21 year old recording artist and producer who lives and works in Regina, Saskatchewan.

After two years of writing, touring, performing, and recording, his Debut Album “Rising Tide” is complete, and will be available November 8, 2018.

Scott’s unique and soulful sound has been described as blues, folk, country, R&B, and even soul. His songwriting style is melodic, down to earth, and approachable. He subtly approaches unconventional songwriting topics, like death and social media depression, in a way that captivates active listeners.

His guitar playing is known for its dramatic dynamics; soft, delicate, and tasteful riffs, juxtaposed with blistering and authoritative solos. His carefully crafted guitar sound is a product of years of trial and error, an old-school approach, and a no-compromise commitment. Learning from both the Blues and Country traditions, his melodies and approach blur the lines between the two genres.

Alongside his exceptional playing ability, Scott’s voice continues to impress audiences across Western Canada. His wide vocal range and impressive control become a tool to showcase the dynamic movement of his stories.

As a producer, Scott is currently working with captivating Saskatchewan blues/jazz talent Lexy Desjarlais, as well as prairie rock ‘n roll outfit Dead Levee.

A self-taught engineer and producer, Scott has worked in many studios with several different projects across southern Saskatchewan since late 2017.

Stay tuned for these releases, and more, in early 2019.